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The family of Joey Lynn Offutt has increased the reward being offered for information leading to her whereabouts to $20,000. Joey Lynn Offutt has been missing from Sykesville, PA since a fire destroyed her home on July 12, 2007.

In the early morning of July 12, 2007, authorities responded to a fire at Joey’s Sykesville, PA home. After the fire was extinguished, the remains of Joey’s 6-week-old son were discovered. Joey and her car, a red Saturn with Virginia license plates, were missing. Police found Joey’s car four days later in State College, PA, parked at the Nittany Gardens apartment complex, where Joey had previously lived. Joey’s other two children, who were not at home at the time of the fire, are safe living with family.

After two years, and two airings on the popular TV show “America’s Most Wanted”, investigators from the Pennsylvania State Police still have had no substantial and credible leads in the case. The family requests the public’s help by coming forward with information they may have that could lead to Joey being found.

If alive, Joey Lynn Offutt would 35 years old (she was 33 years old at the time she went missing), approximately 5′ 3″ with a thin build, and she has brown eyes and brown hair (with a reddish tone). She may or may not have been wearing glasses.

Joey’s family has established a toll-free number to field tips from the public. Anyone with information is urged to call 1-877-440-JOEY (1-877-440-5639) or to contact the Pennsylvania State Police at 814-371-4652.



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Renee Pernice, 35, and a mother of 3 children has been missing from her Kansas City home since Friday, January 2, 2009. The last person to see her was her husband, Shon Pernice, who reports that she left the house that morning on foot, but he “can’t remember” where she said she was going. Their children were not at home at the time, spending the night with neighbors. Her cell phone has been found approximately 15 miles from the home.

It is reported that the couple had previous problems in their marriage, Renee had filed for divorce in 2005 but withdrew her petition. Shon Pernice, a firefighter, was a veteran from the Iraqi war and was getting ready to deploy once again to Iraq. He immediately hired a lawyer and has not been charged or named as a person of interest in Renee’s disappearance.

The area that she would frequent has been the target of searches using ground personnel, canine and horses. So far nothing has been found, but all signals are pointing to foul play being involved.

Rick Pretz, the father of Renee Pernice, announced the $25,000 reward outside the Clay County Courthouse in the Kansas City suburb of Liberty.


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The family of a missing Blairsville, Ga., woman — who police say was abducted while talking to her boyfriend on her phone — hopes that a $50,000 reward will help turn up clues in her disappearance.

Kristi Cornwell disappeared from Blairsville, GA on Aug. 11, 2009. Her family announced the $50,000 award in a recent statement.

The family said the money will be awarded for information leading to Cornwell’s safe return and/or the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for her disappearance.

Donations are being accepted to increase the reward.

Cornwell disappeared from a rural section of Jones Creek Road, but was just a short distance from New Union Baptist, her home church.

Her boyfriend, Douglas Davis, was talking to her on Aug. 11 when he overheard a struggle as she walked near her parents’ home. Police are not considering him a suspect.

He heard her pleading with her apparent captors, “Don’t take me!”

While mowing his lawn a man that lives 3.5 miles away from where she was walking found her cell phone in his yard. Police claim to have found other items where she was abducted and it appeared there was a struggle.

Cornwell is the mother of a 15-year-old son and formerly worked as a probation officer.

Authorities are also searching for two vehicles that may be linked to the disappearance of Cornwell — a white suburban sized SUV and a tan or gold Toyota or Nissan sub-compact.
Kristi Cornwell is a 5’5″, 150-lb dark-haired white female.

If you have information related to her whereabouts, call the Union County Sheriff at 706-439-6066.


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In the quarter-century since 14-year-old Deanie Peters disappeared from her little brother’s wrestling practice at Forest Hills Central Middle School, the investigation has led detectives to a school incinerator, divers to a shallow pond and, as recently as last year, cadaver dogs to a mound of rocks.

Detectives locked up a school janitor overnight, interviewed a man on Florida’s death row and questioned suspects from the Lowell area.

More recently, a psychic provided GPS coordinates to look for Deanie’s body, while another drew a picture of a former camp where she might be.

But, no matter which direction the investigation has taken, it keeps circling back to where it started — Forest Hills Central Middle School, where the 14-year-old told her mother’s friend: “I’ll be right back.”

By some accounts, those were her last known words. And Deanie — the dark-haired eighth-grader who would have turned 42 in last September — hasn’t been heard from since.

Deanie’s disappearance on Feb. 5, 1981 — almost 29 years ago — is one of the most baffling mysteries Kent County sheriff’s detectives have faced in recent memory.

There is no body, no sign of foul play, no indication whether she’s alive or dead. Televised pleas by her mother and stepfather went unanswered.

At least two men interviewed as possible suspects in the case — former Central Middle School janitor Arthur Diaz, now 65, and former Lowell resident Bruce Bunch, now 42 and living in Kentucky, say they continue to live under suspicion.

Deanie was at the middle school with her mother to attend a wrestling clinic for youngsters, including her 4-year-old brother. At some point, she crossed the gym floor and exited a doorway. Stories differ as to whether she was headed to the restroom, sneaking out for a cigarette or bound for a friend’s nearby home.

What everyone agrees on is only this: She was never seen again.

It quickly became apparent she hadn’t run away. She left behind several hundred dollars in Christmas money, her purse, jewelry and clothing.

A woman interviewed by the local news said she was canoeing and drinking with friends on the Flat River in 1989 when a Lowell man in her canoe talked about how he and two others had struck a girl named Deanie with a car in a school parking lot. They got scared and hid her body in the trunk. They later buried her along the Flat River, the woman said she was told. That lead was followed up on with no results.

“There is now a $25,000 cash reward for information that leads us to the location of Deanie Peters’ body and information that leads us to those individuals that are responsible for her death,” Detective Sgt. Sally Wolter said.









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On January 22, 2006, Jennifer and her boyfriend, Robert Allen, returned home from a relaxing vacation in St. Croix. Robert and Jennifer have a long distance relationship — she’s in Orlando and he’s in Fort Lauderdale — but they see each other just about every weekend.

After their long weekend getaway in the islands, the couple returned to their respective jobs on the following Monday. It was business as usual and Jennifer called her father, brother, a few close friends, and her boyfriend after work.

Her last phone call was at 9:56 p.m. to Robert on Monday night.

Police believe on Tuesday morning, January 24, Jennifer showered and got ready for work.

But she never made it to her job at Westgate Resorts, where she managed the financial department, which oversees timeshares.

Joyce Kesse, Jennifer’s mother, says her daughter is never late for work.

“She’s ambitious and dedicated to her career,” Joyce said. “When I got the call from her employer that she didn’t show for work, I knew something was wrong. That was the beginning of this hellish nightmare.”

For two days, Jennifer’s family and friends converged on her condo in a new condominium development in Orlando, located near the Mall at Millenia.

There was no sign of the young woman. Then, on Thursday, January 26, Jennifer’s black 2004 Chevy Malibu was found abandoned about one mile from her home.

Det. Glen Gause of the Orlando Police Department described the area where her car was recovered as a drug area.

The only tangible clue to date is surveillance video of the area where Jennifer’s car was abandoned.

A surveillance camera caught a glimpse of an individual walking in the area of her vehicle on the morning of her disappearance. Police want to talk to this “person of interest.”

Det. Gause and his partner, Det. Emmett Browning, believe this individual is a male wearing dark clothing. Because the video is from far away and through a chain link fence, it has been difficult to identify the mysterious person.

Jennifer’s family increased the reward to $15,000, while also making a passionate plea for her safe return.